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Gina Petersen Photography // Wedding Photographer // Senior Photographer

“The essence of each space reflected something that is always present in an artist’s studio:   PASSION for what you do.” Martyn Thompson, Working Space Finally, here it is…my studio.  I love it.  I love everything about it ~ the natural light, the rustic floors and the overall

Life’s Lil Luxuries // Sonoma County Wedding Photographer

After a few derailments on getting a “My Favorite Things” segment of my blog going, I am ready to publish my first one.  My hope is that I can showcase some of my favorite things (or things that my brides would appreciate) on my blog.  I am going to try to keep the products

Sonoma County Wedding Photographer // How to Choose a Wedding Cake Designer

Your Sweet Expectations   It’s time to attack that not-so-little detail…the cake!  You could just pop into the bakery down the street and ask for one like the sample in the window.  But why do that when you can get something that suits your individuality as well as your taste buds!  Taking the

Sonoma County Wedding Photographer • Styled Shoot • Part II

As I edit the last of my Vegas styled shoot, I’m hearing “pings” from my email that, of course, drive me to be inefficient as I stop to check what’s waiting for me in my inbox that has 10,056 unread msgs (mostly things that should be in junk, but I’m afraid to mass

Color Me Pretty

With so many color-palette choices these days, it’s hard to decide which one to choose.  Gone are the days of choosing one color and using a different shade of the same color as an accent (dark purple and lavender, for instance).  In the past few years, the wedding industry has become

First Look • Sonoma County Wedding Photographer

“The first look with Shane was the best decision we made as a couple.  We were both unsure of seeing each other before the wedding and breaking tradition.  However, the moment I touched his shoulder to turn around and see me the for the first time as his bride was truly magical. The moment

Picking Bridesmaids: To Choose or Not to Choose

  “OMG, You’re engaged!  I can totally help you plan!  Can I throw you a shower? How many bridesmaids are you going to have…? Who’s going to be your Maid of Honor…?”  Choosing the bridesmaids can be both exciting and stressful! There are many books and websites

Sonoma County Wedding Photographer • Booking Your Venue

Image taken at Flying Cloud in Petaluma, California Booking the wedding venue is one of the first orders of business, especially if you are looking at a summer wedding.  Where to begin?!  First you need to ask yourself a few questions…Where do you picture exchanging those ever-important

Embracing the Unexpected • Wine Country Wedding Photographer

Isn’t it funny how often the things we worry most about are often those that are most out of our control?  And on a day as important as your wedding day when emotions are running high and when you can least afford to wear worry on your face, your worry meter will likely be in the red zone! 

Advice from a Sonoma County Wedding Photographer • Don’t forget to breathe

Stress and nerves are two things you do NOT want to wrestle with on the wedding day.  Unfortunately, for some of you type A-ers, this is nearly impossible considering…well, IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!  So, here are a few tips to help you deal with the stress that comes with things not going perfectly

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