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    I grew up and presently live in Northern California. It's a pretty incredible place to live, considering I'm a wedding photographer and Napa Valley is a prime destination wedding location. I'm surrounded by dream-like wedding venues of vineyard-covered hills and the rocky, sandy beaches of the Pacific Coast.

    I appreciate the raw moments of every day life, and I value each day that I'm alive. The fleeting moments that we have with our loved ones are the moments to be treasured. Those are the moments that I want to catch through my lens ~

    I'm a lover of running, dark chocolate, red wine, integrity, sunsets, my girlfriends, reading, traveling and music. Caffeine is my drug of choice. My playlists are random from Taylor Swift to the Beatles.

    AND PHOTOGRAPHY…Well, it's my passion, and I am well aware of how lucky I am that I get to wake up every morning doing what I love - taking pictures and creating imagery that will be valued for many generations.

    If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to email me at 71,105,110,97,64,71,105,110,97,80,101,116,101,114,115,101,110,80,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,46,99,111,109moc.yhpargotohPnesretePaniG@aniG.


As seen on Love Birds Wedding Blog • North Bay Wedding Photographer •

Valentine’s Day ~ What a perfect day to wake up to having one of your engagement sessions published on Love Birds wedding blog.  As a photographer, being published is one of the highest compliments that you can receive.  Essentially, it means that the wedding industry feels that your

Wine Country Wedding Photographer • Angelina + Tim • St. Vincent’s, Marin

As a rule, I try not to make a determination on my ability to “click” with a prospective client via phone inquiry.  After all, I get many inquiries and speak to many different people, so until I meet and we both realize that we’re a match, I try not to get too excited about the

Petaluma Wedding Photographer • Shane & Jen • Viansa Winery

I’m pretty much in love with this couple. They have a beautiful and touching story, and capturing their wedding was a pleasure for me.  Jen was one of those brides that on her wedding day, she hiked up her dress and followed me into the olive orchard because she trusted my eye and was okay

Wine Country Wedding Photographer • Rocio & Robert Are Getting Married

It was Rocio and Robert’s first trip to Sonoma County when I met them for their engagement shoot.  We had already had to reschedule once due to the winter rain, so I was relieved when the rain gave us a break that stormy weekend.  I have to say, it made for some great reflection shots in the

Picking Bridesmaids: To Choose or Not to Choose

  “OMG, You’re engaged!  I can totally help you plan!  Can I throw you a shower? How many bridesmaids are you going to have…? Who’s going to be your Maid of Honor…?”  Choosing the bridesmaids can be both exciting and stressful! There are many books and websites

Sonoma County Wedding Photographer • Booking Your Venue

Image taken at Flying Cloud in Petaluma, California Booking the wedding venue is one of the first orders of business, especially if you are looking at a summer wedding.  Where to begin?!  First you need to ask yourself a few questions…Where do you picture exchanging those ever-important

Embracing the Unexpected • Wine Country Wedding Photographer

Isn’t it funny how often the things we worry most about are often those that are most out of our control?  And on a day as important as your wedding day when emotions are running high and when you can least afford to wear worry on your face, your worry meter will likely be in the red zone! 

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Why Do We Need A Wedding Coordinator When We Have Pinterest? • Sonoma County Wedding Photographer

You’ve said yes and the date has been set but what next!?  The do-it-yourselfers out there immediately kick into action.   What a better opportunity to put all of your organizations, planning and creative skills to work?!  But wait!  What about those of us with no ability whatsoever to plan even

Advice from a Sonoma County Wedding Photographer • Don’t forget to breathe

Stress and nerves are two things you do NOT want to wrestle with on the wedding day.  Unfortunately, for some of you type A-ers, this is nearly impossible considering…well, IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAY!  So, here are a few tips to help you deal with the stress that comes with things not going perfectly

Sea Ranch Wedding Photographer • Destination Wedding Photographer • No Travel Fee

Gualala, California ~ The north coast’s hidden gem.  This beautiful destination wedding venue is full of romantic seascapes that many couples travel from far and wide just to get married in this dream of a wedding venue.  Most wedding photographers that delight in capturing a Sea Ranch

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