March 10, 2013

Color Me Pretty • Sonoma County Weddings

With so many color-palette choices these days, it’s hard to decide which one to choose.  Gone are the days of choosing one color and using a different shade of the same color as an accent (dark purple and lavender, for instance).  In the past few years, the wedding industry has become eclectic in its trends, and, frankly, I love it!  A decade ago, brides wouldn’t have even imagined a beautiful, lace gown graced with a satin, black sash.  All this to say, you can’t go wrong when choosing your colors, so don’t worry about choosing the timeless classic, if the current trend is what you are looking for.

Speaking of the hottest trends, the hottest trend for wedding colors for 2013 is mint green…yes, mint green.  Talk about a flashback. Cool pastel mint pairs well with so many colors.  Other pastels that look fabulous with mint include dusty rose, ivory and peach. Even the splashier and more-bold colors such as coral, lemon,  pink and brown work well with mint!  As for metallics, gold adds a glamorous and bold look while silver has a more vintage and soft look.

If mint is not your thing, there are many other fun color combinations trending for 2013.   Pinks of every shade pair well with reds, greens and even brown.  Shades of purple with pastel or bold greens create a vintage look.  The quintessential black and white is coming back!  If you are looking for specifics, Pantone colors trending for 2013 include, poppy red, lemon zest, tender shoots, Monaco blue and nectarine.  Color scheme can be incorporated into every element of the wedding from the wardrobe to the cake.  Anything goes especially if you are confident and creative in your presentation!

More and more the details of a wedding are becoming an important part of the planning; personality and personal style are coming through in color and theme.  So when you consider every last detail, don’t forget color as you look to make this special day a perfect reflection of who you are as a couple.  Again, I am encouraging you to use Pinterest as inspiration.  Typing in a color and “wedding” into the search engine will yield you a ton of images that will help you decide this ever-so-important decision (just as I did to find the above image).  Happy pinning!




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