March 7, 2013

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If it’s a gift, make it a count!

It’s never too early to start thinking about attendants’ gifts or even buying them for that matter.  In fact, one of the trends in bridesmaids’ gifts this year is that there is no right time to give your girls their gifts.  Brides are beginning to tailor that time to each individual woman, finding the moment that is just right to give that gift.  These women are special in your life, so why not make the giving of this gift a special occasion?  Perhaps you plan it around a particular time together or you might even be spontaneous if that feels right!  The bottom line is to find a moment that is meaningful.  Putting aside the traditional timelines is just one of a few fun trends for this wedding season!

Along with personalizing the occasion for giving this gift, why not personalize the gift itself?  Fading are the days when brides gave all of their attendants identical gifts.  More and more, brides are choosing gifts that are unique to each girl.  If you really want to thank your bridesmaids for their support and their willingness to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, shoes and maybe even an airline ticket, choose individual gifts that truly reflect your appreciation.  Really think about their tastes, styles and interests when coming up with that something special for her.  One of your girls may go crazy over tickets to see Keith Urban in concert, another would prefer being taken to dinner and to the latest Bradley Cooper movie and yet another would be tickled by a massage gift certificate (Okay…yes, those are all things I would love in case you’re wondering…Did I mention Bradley Cooper? Oh, yes, I did:)

Surprise them by giving each what you know they will love?!  If completely individualizing the gift during a very busy time is added stress and you prefer the idea of a theme, individualize within the theme.  Spa or make-up baskets (choose the exact make up your MUA used on each bridesmaid!) that are unique to each girl are a popular gift.  Custom purses and clutches are also popular right now and with the fun variety of styles, colors and designs, you can really tailor them to each girl!

Don’t’ just individualize it, personalize it!  Yes, monograms are back (did they ever really leave?) and depending on the gift you can get creative!  The monogrammed pendant is really making a comeback.  In fact, tiny pendants of all types are in right now and offer a perfect opportunity to individualize the gift without having to think too hard.  These sweet and simple pendants can be comfortably worn by the minimalist or spiced up with other jewelry by those who love their bling!

One last thing to consider is that buying a wedding wardrobe essential and calling it a gift really redefines the idea of a gift and not in a good way.  Imagine the disappointment of a bridesmaid who is given the lavender headpiece as her bridesmaid gift.  On the other hand, if you insist that all of your gals wear genuine pearl earrings, you may want to gift these, however try to choose a style that your girls will wear again and again.

Wait, what about the guys!?  Well, much of the same applies to them, the difference of course being the gift.  The key elements are to keep it guyish and don’t skimp.   Creative and contemporary ideas include things like personalized barware, a gift certificate for time with a personal trainer and tickets to a favorite team’s game.  More traditional ideas include engraved pocketknives and monogrammed flasks, money clips and cufflinks (yes, monogrammed is still in for the guys as well!).  Again, consider each guy individually and make it count!

So when thinking about attendants’ gifts, don’t necessarily think of the group as a whole.  Approach this tradition by considering each bridesmaid and groomsman individually, both in your choice of gift as well as how to present it.  Giving just the right gift at just the right time will show each attendant how special they are to you and how grateful you are for their personal role in your wedding.  And remember that the cost of the gift is insignificant compared to the heart of the giver.

~ Thank you, LouLouBell, for the beautiful handmade attendant gifts above!  You can find LouLouBell’s store on Etsy.



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