January 22, 2013

Booking the Perfect Sonoma County Venue • Sonoma County Wedding Photographer


flying cloud petaluma photography

Image taken at Flying Cloud in Petaluma, California

Booking the wedding venue is one of the first orders of business, especially if you are looking at a summer wedding.  Where to begin?!  First you need to ask yourself a few questions…Where do you picture exchanging those ever-important vows?  What atmosphere and theme comes to mind?


Do you envision the family parish, candlelight, pews filled with countless family and friends, large traditional wedding party, vows performed by your family pastor?  Have you dreamed of marrying in the quaint chapel, bursting with flowers, sun glinting through its tiny stained glass window, the ringing of the church bell sounding the beginning of your new life?  Perhaps you see yourself drifting down the white runner in a fruit laden vineyard, train of your wedding gown trailing behind you, sun setting over the horizon,  the smell of jasmine in the air.  Have you imagined something more magical such as a dimly lit cellar of an ancient vineyard, surrounded by your closest family and friends, a simple stringed quartet softly creating the musical backdrop?  Whatever the case may be and whether or not you realize it, you do have something in mind and it is time to begin thinking about it.


Fortunately, we live in a place where we are afforded all of these opportunities and many more.  A venue like Flying Cloud Sonoma Farm in Petaluma offers a multiple options so that you can mix things up; have the wedding in the magical outdoor, vineyard laden space, and the reception in the romantic old world barrel room!  Sonoma County offers everything from the simple to the extravagant, from the traditional to the outrageous.  Don’t be boxed in; this is the biggest celebration you will ever plan so let your imagine run wild!  But don’t let it stray for long because time is of the essence!

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