January 24, 2013

Shane & Jen • Viansa Winery • Petaluma Wedding Photographer

I’m pretty much in love with this couple. They have a beautiful and touching story, and capturing their wedding was a pleasure for me.  Jen was one of those brides that on her wedding day, she hiked up her dress and followed me into the olive orchard because she trusted my eye and was okay with getting her dress a “touch” dirty (not that anyone would notice) for the sake of beautiful pictures that last a lifetime.  So, of course, I was very excited to do a post-wedding session with Shane & Jen because I knew that the sky was the limit with this couple.  They were up for anything, and because of that, they have some beautiful images…not to mention we had a great time together.  I say “we,” because I had such a great time, too.  This was one of the sessions that I come home saying, “I can’t believe I get paid for this!”  Jen had a great team of stylists, Brenda at Sorella and Cyndi at Spatini.

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