March 20, 2013

Las Vegas Desert Styled Shoot • Sonoma County Wedding Photographer

As I edit the last of my Vegas styled shoot, I’m hearing “pings” from my email that, of course, drive me to be inefficient as I stop to check what’s waiting for me in my inbox that has 10,056 unread msgs (mostly things that should be in junk, but I’m afraid to mass delete in case I missed something I didn’t file correctly).  Two wedding inquiries and a thank-you from a bride for helping her with her timeline were waiting for me. (Happy Dance)  I’m afraid that I’ll sound like a broken record when I say, “I love my job.”  I really do!  More and more I’m connecting with brides that would be my friend if we crossed paths outside of the wedding world ~ forming relationships, that’s what it’s all about!  That and producing incredible images, of course:)  I hope you enjoy the last of my Vegas shots!  My time spent studying under Mike Colon was money well spent.

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